Try a Train Trips


Our ‘Try a Train Events’ provide an ideal opportunity for those who lack confidence travelling by train to visit our stations and to experience a train journey.

The events are aimed at those who have any form of disability or access needs who wish to build their confidence when travelling. The trips are also available to those who may encounter other barriers to travelling e.g. senior citizens, non-English speakers.

During the event, we will tailor the agenda to the group’s specific needs and area of interest.

A typical ‘Try a Train’ consists of:

  • an introduction to the station layout including car parking, onward travel and various station facilities
  • an overview of ticketing options and information available including ticket office, ticket machines and smart cards
  • a meeting with the local station manager and station teams
  • a chance to sample a train to a relevant destination of interest

By the end of the trip our aim is for participants to feel that they have experienced a complete journey that will encourage further travel with confidence, with any anxieties or concerns fully addressed.

How to get involved in a ‘Try a Train Day’?

Anyone is welcome subject to numbers. Generally, we work with groups of 5 to12 participants including any carers.
We are very keen to plan events in throughout the year. Further information is available from Sarah Grove, Project Officer, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Community Rail Partnership (