Foxton Level Crossing

This page gathers together articles and papers which have been published in the course of the campaign to improve safety at the Foxton Level Crossing.

7th November 2018: GCP Visit to Foxton Parish Council 5th November 2018

5th March 2018: Greater Cambridge Partnership Looking Again at Foxton Crossing Bypass

4th January 2018: New report shows where ‘transport hubs’ could be built to ease Cambridge’s congestion

7th May 2017: Police investigation launched after driver allegedly seen dicing with death at Foxton level crossing

15 Dec 2016: Changes to Foxton level crossing met with mixed reaction from local residents

4th July 2015: Letter to Network Rail

21st May 2015: Gates broken at Foxton level crossing for weeks need specialist parts before they can be fixed

23rd June 2015: More than 30 offences committed at Foxton Level Crossing in last year police reveal

20th August 2015: Time for Network Rail to step up to the mark and give answers about Foxton Level Crossing gate delays

9th July 2015: Open letter sent to Network Rail head calling for ‘appalling’ Foxton Level Crossing problem to be solved


Earlier news:

Network Rail are shortly to publish their feasibility study for the prospective closure of Foxton Level Crossing. The following document describes the background to this work and gives an idea of how any suggestions from this  will be taken forward: (PDF document)

The following document describes the level crossing at Foxton. It covers the operation of the crossing, photographs of the various routes through the crossing, links to videos showing it operating, and possible risks: (PDF document)

Note: Foxton Level crossing is a “full barrier” crossing where the barriers are closed two or three minutes in advance of the train arriving so the crossing can be checked to be clear before the railway signals are cleared to green. This type of crossing is used on busy roads where it is vital for safety to verify the crossing is clear. Other level crossings in the area are ‘Automatic Half Barriers’ where the barriers descend less than a minute before the train arrives; these are not checked to be clear so are only used on quieter roads. For more information look at the document about Shepreth crossing below.

The operation of the crossing is described in more detail, along with photographs inside Foxton Crossing Box and Cambridge Signal Box taken during Rail User Group visits in May and November 2012:

The Rail User Group has also published a “draft for discussion” document describing Foxton Crossing for road users.  It aims to record facts about the crossing to help further discussion rather than judging whether there are safety or economic reasons for making changes:

Shepreth “Automatic Half Barrier” Level Crossing is described here: (PDF)

There are a number of articles about Foxton Level Crossing on our ‘In the Press’ page: