Lockdown Update April 2020


We hope you are keeping well and staying safe during this extraordinary and challenging time.

We are both working from home and are involved in the Covid Community Response effort, but are available as always with any questions or concerns. It is heartening to know about the amazing local Covid efforts underway in all our villages – thanks to everyone who’s been taking part.

Meetings postponed 

You won’t be surprised to learn that all of our spring meetings and events have been postponed, including the stations meeting with our MP to review priorities for improvements; also, our Community Rail Partnership AGM, and Community Rail in the City.

Annual Report

You can find our Community Rail Partnership Annual Report here, which we look forward to presenting as soon as we’re able to reschedule our AGM. 

Our CRP Partners

Our local schools are all doing an incredible job adapting to life under lockdown, with teaching and learning on line and parents working in tandem to provide their children with home-school structure. 

Some of our local businesses are facing a very tough time, with places like Shepreth Wildlife Park and local pubs like the Shepreth Plough unable to serve the public.  We look forward to supporting them and making up for lost time as soon as we’re able.

Meanwhile, TTP at Melbourn Science Park is working round the clock on the national project to augment the supply of ventilators.

Timetable comments?

While very few people are travelling at all during lockdown, rail services are running on a Sunday (hourly) timetable, providing transport for our key workers.  If you are a key worker and have any concerns about the timetable, please do contact us. And do please check times before you travel.

Closure of Meldreth ticket office

While Meldreth is now officially closed, Royston ticket office remains open.  We’re very grateful to our ticket officer manager Bern Parsons for keeping everyone up to date over the past few weeks via our Facebook page.  Bern is occasionally in the office to help deal with season ticket refunds – please check our Facebook page for Bern’s weekly plan.

Season Ticket Refunds

GTR writes: ‘We have made it easier for our customers to obtain refunds on their season tickets by completing an online form, attaching two photos of their season ticket – one complete and the other with the ticket cut in half diagonally.  This enables customers to apply from home without the need to visit a ticket office.’

More information here: https://www.greatnorthernrail.com/tickets/buy-tickets/refunds-and-changing-your-ticket

KIDS’ CORNER Stay Safe – Stay Home

While rail stations hold much fascination for many people, it’s essential to ensure that children, especially, are keeping away from stations at this time.  There are still plenty of very fast trains running through.

Instead, please take part in one of our at-home activities – with prizes!  See our:

Lockdown/Burst-Out Competitions: Gardening, Writing and Art

We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

Best wishes,

Susan van de Ven and Sarah Grove

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