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Train journeys from our local stations can be made via e-ticketing. Please note that paper tickets bought at the Meldreth Station booking office make a difference to keeping our manned office in place – so do please buy from ticket officer manager Bern Parsons whenever possible! In addition, for promotional deals and complex journey best prices, please use Meldreth Station booking office.

The Trainline app is a good place to buy a train ticket that provides a swipe-able bar code for tapping in and out on journeys originating or terminating at our local stations. This app is set up to process rail card discounts, unlike the GTR app (next item).

The Govia Thameslink Key Smartcard will be available for journeys from Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton to Cambridge and points north, in the next few weeks. This is already available for travel south (the glitch being that Cambridge Station is operated by another train operating company, Greater Anglia, and their systems haven’t talked to each other until now). Pedestals for Key Smartcard activation exist on both platforms at all three of our local stations. This is a work in progress still with some limitations: A season ticket can be uploaded onto the card and stored electronically, but the Cambridgeshire Student Connect card for 16-18 year-olds cannot be uploaded electronically – a paper ticket continues to be required.

A debit or credit card is linked to the Key Smartcard for tapping in and tapping out on journeys. The cheapest fare for that journey will be applied. However, for now, Railcards (16-25s, Senior Railcard, Network Card, etc) cannot yet be applied to the fare calculator.

The Key Smartcard is currently only applicable to Thameslink network journeys, but the expectation is that it will be applicable nationwide on all networks.

A Key Smartcard is currently available on-line only; the prospect of selling it at Meldreth Station is being explored. Please visit here:

Cambridge North Station services: Unfortunately, as expected, the December 2019 timetable sees an end to this through journey; passengers travelling from Meldreth to Cambridge North will now need to change trains at Cambridge. This is due to platform capacity issues and an increasingly busy and competitive timetable. The Rail User Group has lobbied hard to retain the through service for obvious reasons; this is disappointing news but we will keep at it, as the timetable is always a work in progress with two updates every year (May and December).

Semi-fast service to London: The Rail User Group is still lobbying for the return of a semi-fast London service from Meldreth Shepreth and Foxton at peak time.

Passenger Benefit Fund: Details are beginning to be announced – a full report is due soon.

Exorbitant Station Parking Fines: The Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group is tackling head-on what it considers to be exorbitant station car park fines at Shepreth, Meldreth and Royston, and intimidating pursuit of fines by the debt collecting agency subcontracted by the car park subcontractor. The Rail User Group would be grateful to hear from anyone who has been caught out by such an experience, please contact

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