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Cambridge Station Area has been considerably altered in recent years and for the railway user the experience of using the station has been considerably improved.

However there are issues with moving vehicles around the site and consideration is being given to alter the layout to enable vehicles to cut across the pedestrian walk way that leads down into Station Road. At a recent Railfuture East Anglia Branch Meeting it was agreed that allowing cars etc to move across the path of pedestrians exiting and entering the station would be to the detriment of railway users.

A station multi storey car park is being planned, together with new office blocks on the existing flat car park. This new multi storey car park will exacerbate the traffic situation on the west side of the station. Railfuture believe that this car park should be resisted and that it should be eventually sited on the east side. They believe the planned west side car park should be replaced with additional cycle parking spaces.

Railfuture have put together a paper that asks for a Masterplan for the station area to be developed that should see the opening of an eastern station entrance and the development of a new car park to the east. See the plan here.

The proposed plans can be found here on the Cambridge City Council Website.

The consultation period ends on December 24th, and we encourage our members to have their say.

The planning application in brief:

18/1678/FUL | The proposed erection of two new buildings comprising 4,555sqm (GEA) of Class B1(a)/ Class B1(b) floorspace including ancillary accommodation/ facilities with associated plant, 136 cycle parking spaces, and 7 off-gauge cycle spaces for Block F2 and an Aparthotel (Class C1) comprising 125 suites, terrace, ancillary accommodation and facilities with multi-storey car park for Network Rail (total GEA 12,153sqm) comprising 206 car parking spaces and 34 cycle parking spaces for Block B2 with associated plant, hard and soft landscaping, new alignment of access from Station Road into Station Square and permanent access from Devonshire Road to the Cambridge Station Car Park restricted to emergency access to the railway and temporary access to parking during construction | Station Area Redevelopment Blocks B2 And F2 Devonshire Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire

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