Key Points from GTR Stakeholder Meeting 10th July


Key takeaway points from the GTR Meeting:

  • A sincere apology for the current problems was offered. Whilst ongoing inquiries will eventually apportion blame, GTR’s focus is on fixing the problem.
  • The focus of the 15th July timetable is reliability and stability of peak services. Whilst some improvements to peak services can be expected during the year to December, off peak services are likely to remain as per the 15th July timetable until December.
  • When asked to explain how things would be different this time from 20th May the answer was that GTR have had more time to prepare now, and to solve the main problem of matching driver rosters with timetables. 50 new drivers are also currently in training on Great Northern routes.
  • The July 15th timetable is not designed to address any problems with the May 20th timetable. This process is ongoing and we need to keep feeding back so this can be fed into the national planning process.
  • Weekend services are expected to be less stable because of planned engineering work. The advice is check before you travel. (One question asked about services next Sunday, and were plans in place in case England reaches the World Cup final. The answer was that all efforts would be made to ensure a service that evening whilst making sure the service the following Monday morning would not be compromised by trains being in the wrong place).
  • Details of compensation packages for season ticket holders would be announced shortly whilst compensation for non season ticket holders is also under review. The compensation will be funded by GTR, DfT and Network Rail.

The full interim timetable coming into service on 15th July can be found here.

A timetable extract for Cambridge, Foxton, Meldreth, Shepreth, Royston and Kings Cross can be found here.

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