Notes from the Rail User Group Meeting 27th June 2018


Key Points

  1. People have settled in the villages around our stations largely because of the train service. So: Please keep up the pressure, keep writing to GTR, Heidi Allen and us so we can log all feedback and continue to send it on. Contact details below.
  2. Confusion around ‘Pre-interim timetable’ and ‘interim timetable.’ The ‘Pre-interim’ is now until ‘mid-July’. We’ve made a stink about the pre-interim, because it regularizes until mid-July these peak time gaps:
    • Fox/Shep/Mel-London: 6:43-8:13
    • Cambridge-Fox/Shep/Mel: 17:11-18:41
    • Mel/Shep/Fox-Cambridge: 8:36-10:06

    The ‘interim timetable’ is not yet known so we really need to lobby for reasonable basics.

  3. Compensation for a whole range of costs associated with service failure (nursery costs, additional driving and car park fares, lost time at work, etc), and high fares charged without reliable information and delivery of basic service.
    • GTR should be running a greatly reduced fare that equates to the level of service provided.
    • Ask GTR CEO for the compensation you believe you are due – whether or not it fits into GTR’s delay repay or any other scheme.
  4. Lack of reliable information – no one can identify a reliable source of actual service information.

Contact details: (GTR new CEO) (GTR Chief Operating Officer) (GTR Passenger Services Director)

We’d also like to thank the two members of staff from GTR and the one member of staff from Network Rail who attended the meeting to take questions.

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