Meeting of the Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group

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The next meeting of the Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group will be on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 starting at 7pm for 7:30pm in Elin Way Community Room, Meldreth. The full agenda can be downloaded here (PDF Download)

Meldreth, Sherpeth and Foxton Rail User Group
2 December 2015, 7 for 7:30-9:00
Sheltered Housing Community Room, Elin Way, Meldreth
1. Welcome and apologies
2. Minutes of previous meeting
3. Station updates
– Foxton: level crossing pedestrian gates due to be installed from November 23rd; plus longer term plans to create a safer environment during wait for level crossing closure (Marcus Jones, Network Rail)
– Meldreth: recent minor vandalism to tubs, RUG poster board
– Shepreth: Poppy Garden deliberately herbicided in preparation for replanting by Rail User Group.
4. Train service issues: members please use this opportunity to raise any issues.
5. Station infrastructure: outstanding issues, critical to sort soon!
– Watering systems, Meldreth and Shepreth – we have water butts but no downpipe connections
– Cycle parking improvements, Meldreth and Shepreth – local community led to expect this, but stalled.
– Offer from local business to help upgrade waiting shelters at Meldreth Station
6. Foxton Station Waiting Room mural: art supplies to be given to Melbourn Youth Club and mural produced off-site, for location at Foxton Station (Andy Hart)
7. David Piggott’s retirement: gathering at Meldreth Station on 12 December, 11AM
8. Community Rail Partnership update
9. AOB
10. Date of next meeting